12,000+ ePub books on DVD


12,000+ ePub books on DVD

Thousands of classic ebooks compatible with your eReader

A Digital Library for Your Digital E-Reader

A vast library of over twelve thousands books for your Digital E-Reader, PC or Mac computer. All supplied on one very easy to use DVD. Thousands of classic books, a lifetime's reading!

Easy To Use

It's so easy to use, just pop the DVD into your computer and a comprehensive index will appear. Then just follow the simple instructions to transfer any book you want to your eReader.

Well Organised

The collection is very nicely organised to allow you to browse it by by Title, by Author or by Category.Descriptions and cover images for the books are included as well as quick author biographies to help you choose.


The books are in ePub format which is the standard format for ebooks. Supported devices include: Sony Reader (all versions), iPhone/iPod Touch (with Stanza software), Cool-er Reader, BeBook One/BeBook Mini, Cybook Gen3/Cybook Opus, Ectaco jetBook, NUUT Reader, Nook Reader, iRex Digital Reader, iRiver Story, Astrak eBook Readers, Border's Elonex Reader, Samsung E65, Pandigital Novel and any other digital reader with ePub support. You can also read ePub books from your Windows or Mac computer or laptop.

What books are on the DVD?

Everything including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. There's the classics, there is detective fiction and there is romance.

Here are a few samples of the Authors available, or Click here to browse the complete index online. Every single book and author you see mentioned on this site are included plus many more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're fully confident that you'll love our ebook collection. If for any reason at all you're not completely satisfied then let us know and we'll refund your money right away. No questions asked!

Free Shipping

Next day shipping from the UK is free wherever you are in the world.

Questions? Comments?

Please don't hesitate to send us any questions or comments you might have. You can contact us by email atinfo@eshelfbooks.com. We'll always be delighted to hear from you!